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Don't you have a place to raise your voice ? Are you depressed about being a victim of sexual assault, be it molestation, abuse, harassment or any inconvenience incidents? Read More...

Know/Share your Experience

Get involved! Speak up, Stop violence against women. It's your space to Share your 'Experiences', Talk to other women about your concerns and give suggestions. Read More...

Share/Utilize the Opportunities

Economically empowered women can create sustainable change for herself, her family and community. So, we create roadmap for economic empowerment for women. Read More...

Speak the Precautionary Steps

Shun to become a victim of sexual assault! Building awareness is the ideal solution for preventing crimes and avoid dangerous situations. This section of the website provides information Read More...

  1. Introduction: W4WI or WomEn4WomAnIndia is a unique dedicated online platform for our women to Connect together virtually from all corners of the World aiming Women Empowerment through Advocacy, Education, Awareness, Philanthropy and Timely Support for an happy and successful future.
  2. New User need to Register into W4WI to become an authorized member.
  3. Once Registered, Verification process is made by W4WI Back-end team members which would be Highly Confidential (to eliminate malicious users).
  4. Upon successful verification, Users will be given ‘Active’ status to their profiles and Full Access* to all Our ‘Services’.
  5. Our platform is specially designed and open for 'All Aged Woman' individuals.
  6. Here, User could Raise/Help the Voice, Share/Aware the Experiences, Post/Utilize the Opportunities, Speak/Know the Precautionary Steps, Shop and Many More as Anonymous which is our ‘Key Strength’.
  7. Hon'ble BM: All the Government Authorized Higher Officials (Politicians, IAS, IPS, NGOs, etc) are designated as ‘Board of Member (BM)’ with special privilages in here and they will consider your Issues/Concerns/Problems as a sensitive matter and take it forward "without revealing your identity" upon your choice (Enhancements) or once approved from your end.
  8. Open & Secured Platform: Tracking & Monitoring of all Issues will be listed over here and could be Viewable/Suggestible/Taken necessary Action either by the Registered Members or BM.
  9. Voice Closure: Once the User gets satisfied with the comments or action performed by the Board Members, Your Voice can be closed upon your satisfaction.
  10. Closure: Signup, Connect, Cultivate and Prevent crimes before they are committed.
  11. Note: All 'Female users' has Full access to our services and 'Male users' has Restricted/Limited access ONLY to post News updates and Precautionary steps which will be useful for our women.
Key or Unique Features of W4WI

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About Us

W4WI is a platform that aims to empower women through advocacy, education, and philanthropy. We bring together the voices from around the world to accelerate awareness among women about the happenings. We endeavor to build their self confidence and allowing their voices to be heard through various networking opportunities. Our members represent a myriad of backgrounds and have taken the leap on the fundamental issues of the day. We work together to advance the status of women worldwide through service and advocacy. We believe our contributions will and can make a difference.